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Words fail me and so the article describing my night at Paradiso is short. If you wanna know what it was like, talk to me in a week or so when I can stop humming Blues brothers tunes.

Couple of new articles coming up soon.



 Mere hours to go before the clash of the cover bands. I'm entering my final stage of preperation. A good base of food and then the consumption of alcohol.

More on the word 'craven' in the latest article.



I'm just considering the amount of beer I'l be consuming tomorrow and in between I try to write an update and in between that I try to watch an episode of stargate atlantis.All three things failed miserably. I'm thirsty, couldn't follow the plot of the episode and the update of today is abismal.

Better luck tomorrow.... or sunday probably.



The sensory deprevation seems to be working. I'm experiencing a deeply rooted need for anything assoctaed with jazz or rock n roll. I'm also starting to hate the Vengaboys more and more. Why on earth did I ever download that shit??

Anyway, new article at NEW. It will solve all your internet related linguistic problems.



Its almost Blues brothers time! This saturday the Paradiso in Amsterdam is the place to be!

This inspired me to share my preparation for a musical event. 


5-2-07 (2)

I made a couple of things work properly again but its a far cry from finished. I'm quitting for today. Enough is enough. I got warhammer models to paint and stargate episodes to watch.

New articles at the new section. You may want to get used to clicking on NEW from now on.....



New layout!!

Those who found the secret link already know what I was doing and I'm finally getting somewhere. Hurrah for me!

However, the sheer immensity of what I still need to do still hits me like a ton of bricks. All the old links back to the mainpage now create useless extra frames and so I'l have to adjust them all to make the links correct again. 3 months worth of articles. Hundreds of them by now. Ugh....

Anyway, the simple frame design works for me. I'l get all the links working again. Sometime.