Badass oneliner of the day

Humans don't deserve to live '


Where aliens don't dare to tread.










Transformers 3: Dark of the moon

Has already made 300 mln dollars so there will be a part 4. Hurrah....



Not quite so new:

Sucksornot Tech support

Making your problems go away!

World invasion

Yes folks, its aliens. Again.

Social media

Not a big fan....

Sucker punch

Zombie Germans, giant samurai, dragons, robots...its to much! My eyes! It burns!


Capitalisme: the sequel

A response to a response. The fun never ceases



A response to Michiel's brother. Or nephew. Whatever.


Aliens messing up the lawn. Again.


The last airbender

An unnecessarily late review of an unnecessaryy movie. Word of the week: unnecessary







The A-team

I pity the fool who don't like this movie.




The Picts are evil people. Make a note of that.




Prince of Persia

Gravity is for the feeble.



On a mission




Sherlock Holmes

Elementary my dear Watson...





Heavy Metal rooster!

I have time in between classes....




What to do?

A dumb question




All hail Cameron!



Left out

Picked last by the Alliance.



Ninja assassin

Ninjas, for balls sake. What more do you want?



Bad Music

The sound of choice for the modern idiot 12 year old.



New Logo time

End of an era....



A good sunday

One not spend waddling in self pity. I like it!


Shanks in class

Something we frown upon....





The movie, not the year.



Punisher: Warzone

My kind of movie




Subway, making studying delicious



Totally spies: the movie

Jerry: the movie



Monsters vs Aliens

Finally available on DVD. Sometimes I wish I would just download the damn movies I wanna see but noooooo, I have to have 'principles' and 'morality'. Pain in the ass.


Oktoberfest 2009

There was alcohol involved



District 9

Finally, South Africa has something to be proud of!


What he said.


Garfield sucks but he is right in this case


The best kids I had in class in the past year.

 Hail to the emperor!



Canoeing with the retarded

Sure I'll get in that narrow easily flippable  boat. How hard can it be?



Oktoberfest crisis

Quick Robin, to the idiot mobile!



Transmorphers: Fall of man

Robots and a bad story. What does that remind me of?




Back to school

A teacher's job is hard.






The Inglourious basterds

A story of a boy in love. And Nazi's.


The real Inglorious Bastards

Crap, those were Americans we shot!


Zebra music festival 2009

Smashy smashy!



Stolz der nation

Killing Americans for a living.



GI Joe

Praise be to Stephen Sommers!




Nobody ever told me that Startrek Enterprise had Nazi plasma cannons.



Public enemies

Batman vs Jack Sparrow



The after vacation post.

So pointless it doesn't even have a picture worth your while.



Totally awesome pre-vacation update

It has pictures and everything.



Harry Potter and the halfblood prince

Yeah, the world is doomed.



Ghostriders in the sky

For the love of God Dick Dale, keep breathing!



Vacation roundup

Finally, some time off. 7 weeks of it. Teaching rules.





What the hell am I watching?



How to antagonize people.

In simple steps



Transformers 2

A less hysterical review



First impression of Transformers 2



The craziest kids I've had in class this year

She's gonna blow!


Terminator Salvation

Seriously, where are the lasers?



The top 9 of fictional secret organisations

What this outfit needs is more lasers!



Starship troopers. Again.

Sometimes, you just have to make your point clear.




Scary movie 4

An old movie but I'm still reviewing it because I'm ANGRY.




Megashark vs Giant octopus

A preview of a movie I desperately want to see. (21-5-09)


25 observations about another teacher's lesson

Oh look, not a movie review






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